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  • Galaxy-SOA

    A service-oriented, cloud-based M2M service delivery platform aiming at elastic service provisioning, M2M platform as a service, and open M2M service market.

  • Interface between service platform and M2M gateways

    Integrating service oriented architecture with lower-level devices through heterogeneous gateway platforms.

  • Actor-based data processing

    A scalable data processing middleware based on Actor model. The middleware supports a novel programming model for applications to acquire and process real-time data form distributed and heterogeneous data sources.

  • Data quality in pervasive environments

    A set of observable, feasible, and useful metric definitions for data quality in pervasive environments. Based on the metrics, a framework will be developed to monitor, ensure and optimize the quality of real-time data from pervasive environments.

  • Software-defined IoT Units

    A novel approach to IoT cloud that encapsulates fine-grained IoT resources and IoT capabilities in well-defined APIs in order to provide a unified view on accessing, configuring and operating IoT cloud systems. We developed a framework for dynamic, on-demand provisioning and deploying software-defined IoT cloud systems. By automating provisioning processes and supporting managed configuration models, our framework simplifies provisioning and enables flexible runtime customizations of such systems. The prototype can be found in our GitHub repositpry.